California Man Terrified After Finding Mountain Lion Near Washing Machine


A California man had a scary encounter with a mountain lion that wandered into his garage during a recent rain storm. Sean Ishol had just put a load of laundry in the dryer when he noticed his dogs whimpering in the corner. As he went to see why they were upset, he noticed a female mountain lion laying down next to his dryer.

"This thing... it’s just looking at us. I could have pet the dang thing [it was so close]," Ishol told Fox News.

Sean slowly backed away and managed to get out of the garage but realized his wife, Bobbi, was still trapped in a corner. He grabbed a nearby PVC pipe and placed it between her and the mountain lion, allowing her to get to the door that led back inside.

"We both reacted. I went out to the door, and my wife went to the opposite side of the garage, where it's locked," he explained.

Ishol said that he was prepared to defend his wife if the mountain lion decided to attack.

"Worst case scenario, I would have leaped in front of my wife and taken the hit," he said.

Once in the safety of their home, they called animal control. A few hours later, State Fish and Wildlife officials arrived and were able to remove the 100-pound mountain lion from their garage safely.

Unfortunately, they determined that the lion was sick and she had to be euthanized.

"[I've] never encountered a mountain lion before, and I hope we never have another one," Ishol said. "It was crazy. We could have died!"


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