Guy Smoking Weed Gets Kicked Off an American Airlines Flight (Video)

A video has gone viral of a guy getting removed from an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis on Friday. He was acting strange the whole flight and told the other passengers that he was high on cocaine. 

And then he locked himself in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The pilot decided to divert the flight to Denver. After they landed the guy lit up a JOINT and started smoking IN the cabin. He also punched other passengers. 

He was eventually handcuffed to a gurney and started screaming that the cuffs were hurting, and that he was going to "[effing] kill" the people tending to him.

They took him to the hospital but didn't arrest him. The cops decided that his issue was "more medical than anything else."

And here he is getting taken out on the gurney inside the airport.....