Student caught with Unloaded Gun at GA

From the Glynn County School system:

Brunswick, Ga. – A 15-year-old Glynn Academy student will face charges after an unloaded gun was discovered in a bathroom during the President's Day Holiday. On Sunday evening, our Glynn County Schools Police Chief received information from a guardian that their child had seen a possible weapon in the accused student’s backpack sometime the week prior. Acting on that information, Chief Rod Ellis networked with Glynn Academy Principal Matthew Blackstone and Glynn County Police Officer Donald Terry to determine that weapons belonging to adults were missing from the home of the accused student. The resulting investigative effort eventually revealed the locations of both of the weapons, one of which was an unloaded .25 caliber compact pistol found hidden under a bathroom sink at Glynn Academy. No magazine or ammunition were found in the building or in the surrounding area. The accused student was suspended pending a school system tribunal. Additionally, the student will face a number of charges filed by the Glynn County School Police in Glynn County Juvenile Court. Charges include possession of a firearm on school property and theft by taking.

Photo: Getty Images