JOHN LENNON comedic roles on British TV in 1964-66

John Lennon on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's BBC comedy show "Not Only ... But Also".  John was featured in the show's pilot/first episode, as well as the last episode of the shows original 1960's run in the UK.

John Lennon plays a lavatory attendant at an exclusive London toilet.  Right before he grew the pepper-stache.  Peter Cook rips it as the rich American.   Filmed in November 1966 for a Christmas special that aired on Boxing Day.  It was the last episode for "Not Only ... But Also" until the show briefly re-appeared in 1970.

John Lennon recites "About the Awful" from his book of poetry In His Own Write in an opening sequence on the first episode of "Not Only ... But Also".  Recorded in November 1964 and aired, in January 1965.

The rest of John's appearance on the first episode. This time he recites "The Wrestling Dog" from In His Own Write. That's Norman Rossington who played The Beatles fictional manager "Norm" in the film A Hard Days Night that pops in. 

The BBC saw little historic or marketable value to these teen targeted shows and wiped the original tapes.  Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's offer to purchase or pay for the cost of preservation was rejected.  However, audio recordings still exist of every episode. Thanks to these YouTube posters for keeping this content available.

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