TAME IMPALA First Florida Performance Wows St. Augustine Amphitheatre

We got word shortly before show time that Tame Impala guru Kevin Parker was under the weather, but apart from a few on stage apologies from Mr. Parker, you'd have never known.

His eerily Lennon-esque vocals were in fine form, and the band executed their dreamy electronic psychedelia seemingly without a hitch.

Kevin commented on their first Florida performance that he "didn't know what had taken them so long" to get here, and promised to come back and "rock us twice as long next time", hinting at a shorter set to come, even though they played well over an hour to a capacity crowd at St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Parker largely composes/performs Tame Impala recordings on his own. His five piece touring band consists of Julien Barbagallo on drums, Jay Watson on synths, Cam Avery on bass and Dominic Simper on guitar. Each is an impeccable multi-instrumentalist, with all but Barbagallo switching up instruments throughout the performance as Parker often guided them through songs like a bandleader of old.

Tame Impala's stage show was as visually stimulating as the band was musically, with a full complement of lasers, triptastic on-screen visuals, and enough confetti to make the Flaming Lips seem like rank amateurs.

Tuareg songwriter-guitarist Mdou Moctar, who hails from the Saharan nation of Niger, supported with an interesting fusion of traditional Tuareg music with flashes of classic rock riffs. Mdou, who has now been recording for a decade, was discovered by the West through cell phone captures of his wedding performances in Africa. It was easy to draw Hendrix comparisons as he contorted his white left-handed Fender Stratocaster.

I'm still amazed at how many of my fellow forty-something music aficionados are unaware of the Tame Impala phenomenon. The 18-25 year old crowd surely isn't. Each time I've seen them, there has been an absolute throng of Generation Z's swelling whatever venue to capacity.

Their earlier garage-psych sounds from 2012's Lonerism and the more recent Eno/Krautrock influenced Currents from 2015 should put the hook into anyone's dad who wants to spoil an Instagram party for the kiddos. Check this band out. They are one of the best rock outfits of this decade.

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