UNDERWORLD drop video ahead of July 5 release for new collab with Ø [Phase]

Underworld maestros Rick Smith and Karl Hyde have shared a video for their recent collaboration with Ø [Phase].

From the press release: This marks the second collaboration with friend of Underworld and Drift community member Ø [Phase] and it is made for dance floors just as much as headphones. “Border Country" is part 6 of episode 4 of Underworld's groundbreaking and experimental fifty-two week 'Drift Series’ and will be avail on all DSPs July 5. You can read more about “Border Country" here:

From Underworld YouTubeChannel:

Border Country is the second collaboration with friend of Underworld and DRIFT community member Ø [Phase] and the final part of DRIFT Episode 4. Lithe and restless, it edges and darts through unmapped spaces into a place where grimy nocturnal electronics are driven hard by fizzing hi hats and multiple voices ricochet in from the peripheries.

“We’ve been performing Border Country live since November 2018 and though it had never been released we’ve seen how it instantly connects with audiences everywhere we play.” Karl

My relationship with Ashley a.k.a Ø [PHASE] began in Autumn 2017 when I first heard his Submerged Metropolitan release.. it’s not an exaggeration to say I immediately fell in love with his music. There was a sense of journey and mystery and magic to what I heard. Having worked with him for a little while we know he brings that same magic to the table every time, informed by his deep passion and understanding of the lineage of Techno and a thirst to learn and grow. A lovely talented man.” Rick

“I got a message from my label manager sometime in late 2017 titled ‘contact re Underworld’. Apparently the guys were keen to meet to “talk about some ideas”… ?!?! Within just a few weeks of first meeting we were in Rick’s studio drinking tea, talking together and working on ideas...Border Country came into being gradually, like a photograph coming softly into focus before sharpening into a crisp image, maturing into its final form.” Ashley Burchett aka Ø [Phase]

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