Did you know THE ROLLING STONES made a jingle for Rice Krispies?

In 1964, the Rolling Stones were already well known in the UK, but had yet to hit the big time in the States. It was during that year that Stones founder Brian Jones penned a Rice Krispies jingle for the J. W. Thomson advertising agency who represented Kellogg's in Great Britain. It is titled "Juke Box" and scenes from the commercial are intended to look like the popular BBC music panel show "Juke Box Jury" where recording artists and celebrities would rank songs a "hit" or "miss".

"Juke Box Jury" ran from 1959 to 1967 with brief revivals in 1979 and 1989-90. During the original series run, host David Jacobs asked four celebrity "Jurors" to judge newly released records he played on his jukebox. On most episodes, performers of the judged records would be hidden behind a screen and emerge to "surprise" the panel after they had given their verdict.