OG California punks share their "War Stories" in San Francisco

In episodes 1 & 3 of my new Rock N' Roll Oblivion podcast, I spoke to Chip Kinman (The Dills/Rank & File) and promoter Geoffrey Pond about "War Stories", a gathering of OG Califonia punks in San Francisco just ahead of the Temple Beautiful's 40th Anniversary concert.

Held at Swedish American Hall on July 19th, a panel featuring Chip Kinman, Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go’s), Peter Case (The Nerves/The Plimsouls), Jeff Drake (The Joneses), Pleasant Gehman (Screamin’ Sirens/Lobotomy zine), Theresa Kereakes (Lobotomy/Punk Turns 30), and moderated by Michelle Villegas Threadgould (KQED), shared their tales of punk's roots in California.

Thanks to GilW for posting this to YouTube. You can also check out performances from the Temple Beautiful concert with The Dills, No Alternative and more on that feed as well.