New York City hardcore noise rockers UNSANE appear to be calling it quits.

Influential noise rock/hardcore band UNSANE is apparently calling it quits. Singer/guitarist Chris Spence recently confirmed rumors that he was leaving the band via Facebook.

Spencer has recently been promoting his new project HUMAN IMPACT with Jim Coleman of Cop Shoot Cop, Phil Puleo of Cop Shoot Cop/Swans and Chris Provdica of Swans.

Bassist Dave Curran and drummer Vincent Signorelli have yet to comment on whether the band would continue without founding member Spencer.

In 1988, Spencer, bass guitarist Pete Shore and drummer Charlie Ondras (died 1992) founded the band that would become part of the New York City hardcore/noise scene of the early 1990's that included bands like Helmet, Pussy Galore and Cop Shoot Cop.

Curran and Signorelli joined in 1994 and 1992 respectively. Unsane took short hiatus from 2000-2003 as Spencer recuperated from a violent physical attack he suffered while on tour in Europe.

Known for their brutal delivery and gruesome cover art featuring crime scence and accident photos (some real, some staged), Unsane influenced future generations of hardcore, noise and metal bands.

Unsane gained some mainstream notoriety with the music video for the song "Scrape". Made for just $200, the video featured performance footage mixed with skateboard wipe-outs and got significant play on MTV.

Unsane's most recent release was 2017's Sterilize on Southern Lord Records.

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