TOM PETTY suffered heart attack/removed from life support

tom petty

According to TMZ, Tom Petty suffered a full cardiac arrest.  Petty was placed on life support after arriving at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital.  It has since been reported that he has been removed from life support with no brain function. Petty's representatives have not made a statement.

UPDATE 5:24 pm 10/2: We are aware that CBS News, source of the official notice of death is retracting their story and that Tom Petty is still clinging to life. The rest of the sad news is true that there is no brain activity and he is off life support.

UPDATE 5:56 pm Conflicting Reports About Death Of Tom Petty (Los Angeles, CA) -- The Los Angeles Police Department can't confirm the death of rocker Tom Petty. Multiple earlier reports citing the LAPD said Petty passed away at the age of 66 after suffering cardiac arrest. The LAPD now says the information was "inadvertently" provided to some media sources. New reports indicate that Petty is clinging to life. According to TMZ, a chaplain has been called to Petty's hospital room, who's not expected to live throughout the day.

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