Pink Floyd's Nick Mason Did Not Think Live 8 Would Be The Band's Last Show

Live 8 London - Stage

Live 8 London - Stage

After Pink Floyd reunited with co-founding bassist Roger Waters at Live 8 in 2005, drummer Nick Mason felt there would be more shows on the horizon.

Waters, who sparked classic Pink Floyd albums like The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Animals, left Pink Floyd in 1985 to pursue other projects and a solo career. The bassist often butted heads with guitarist David Gilmour and keyboardist Rick Wright during his Pink Floyd tenure, but the ex-band members maintained a mostly cordial relationship in their divorce.

While their creative aims were incompatible, the former band mates' social views remained aligned, so the two parties agreed to reunite in 2005 as part of the Live 8 one-off global concert to fight world poverty.

When asked in a recent interview with Eon Music for his feelings about the band's future directly following the Live 8 set, Mason conceded that he was optimistic.

"Funnily enough, I thought there might be more of that sort of thing because Live 8 sort of indicated that it was a really good way of raising awareness and making money, and I thought possibly people would start thinking about doing a lot more of that," Mason said.

Wright passed away of cancer three years later in 2008. Mason maintains healthy relationships with both Waters and Gilmour, despite the pair's aversion to one another.

The drummer said, ultimately, he's proud that Pink Floyd's last performance shunned the disputes between Waters and Gilmour over the band's intellectual property and focused on what's "more important."

"And I think that it was a sort of lovely example of being grown up," he said.

Gilmour briefly joined Waters in concert in 2011 to perform "Comfortably Numb." And a year prior, the pair collaborated at another charity event. Over the past several years, the two have stayed away from one another. Mason says they're happier that way.

Waters warmly reunited with Mason this past spring at a concert at New York City's Beacon Theater.

He recently revealed in an interview promoting his upcoming Us + Them concert film that he met with Gilmour this past summer with a "big peace plan." The two weren't able to come to an agreement.

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