Foreigner’s Mick Jones Reveals Life-Altering Medical Diagnosis

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Foreigner founder and guitarist Mick Jones shared shocking news on Wednesday (February 21) detailing a life-altering medical diagnosis that he's been aware of "for some time now." According to Billboard, the rock icon was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease several years ago and only recently decided to reveal this information to the public. 

"Fans will have become very aware that for some time now, I have not been performing onstage with the band. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I want everyone to know that I am doing alright." 

The 79-year-old is the only original member of Foreigner that still tours with the band. He does not spend a lot of time onstage these days, but is very much involved in the production of each 'Historic Farewell Tour' show. Keeping positivity at the forefront, Jones relayed that he prefers to shed light on his blessings rather than dwell on the diagnosis

“I’ve always liked to be at my best when performing onstage, and sadly, at present, I find that a bit difficult. I am still very much involved in the background with Foreigner and remain a presence. Parkinson’s is a daily struggle; the important thing is to persevere and remind myself of the wonderful career I’ve had in music."

The "Feels Like the First Time" standout formed Foreigner in 1976. The band released their debut, self-titled album a year later, earning them the number four spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Fueled by timeless hits including (but not limited to) "Juke Box Hero," "Cold As Ice," "Hot Blooded," and "I Want To Know What Love Is," the group went on to sell 80 million records worldwide and were recently nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

To conclude his message to fans, the founder praised concertgoers for their continued love and support over the last four decades. 

"I thank all the fans who have supported Foreigner throughout the years and continue to attend our concerts — I want you to know I appreciate your support; it always means so very much to me, but especially so at this point in my life.”

Jones sat down with Billboard in 2017, just a few years after undergoing heart surgery, to discuss the future of Foreigner should his health fail. Again, approaching the situation with optimism, the guitarist remarked: 

“I look at it as a team. If you think about…any kind of sports teams, they change players all the time. The thought of my music carrying on in that way has some appeal to me.” Foreigner, with a possible appearance from Jones, are scheduled to take the stage in Oklahoma on March 1st

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