Graffiti Threats Found At Brunswick High School

 At approximately 1 p.m. today, school administrators at Brunswick High School learned of two graffiti threats written on a bathroom wall at the school. The Glynn County School System police officers assigned to BHS are investigating, and additional police staff and public safety countermeasures are in place effective immediately.  

 Authorities stated in a  press release "Although unsettling, we believe this graffiti is intended to disrupt the learning environment, as opposed to being a credible threat to public safety. However, it is being taken seriously and we hope that the school community will trust us to take the appropriate measures to help ensure a safe and secure environment at school.  Students and staff are a critical component of this effort.  Please help us to reinforce the message that if you see something or hear something, to say something."

 Anyone with information regarding this incident should call 912-267-4100 ext. 7111 to report, and may remain anonymous.