Spaceport Camden May See Sub-orbital Test Flight


 Arizona based Vector Space Systems has announced their intentions of performing a sub-orbital test flight from the proposed Spaceport Camden site in Camden County, Georgia .  The company produces and launches mini-satellites, currently they are capable of launching satellites up to 50kg into Low-Earth Orbit, and are developing orbital launch capabilities.


 Camden County officials say the interest by Vector Space System shows potential for the proposed site. Spaceport Camden could bring in thousands of jobs to Georgia along with the $300 billion commercial space industry. Vector recently made a visit to the future site of Spaceport Camden to conduct an initial set of ground operations on its full-scale Mechanical Engineering Unit (MEU) of the Vector-R rocket and the associated Transporter-ErectorLauncher (TEL). The visit was an opportunity to showcase the Vector-R launch system and concept of operations (CONOPS) to key members of the spaceport community, stimulate discussions regarding future launch operations, and familiarize Vector personnel with Spaceport Camden. 

 “Vector is an ideal partner for Spaceport Camden,” said County Administrator and Spaceport Camden Project Lead, Steve Howard. “The small satellite market is already a $2.2 billion sector of the space economy and expected to grow to $5.3 billion over the next 5 years. Vector is a leader in this emerging market and we hope Camden County will be the home of not only Vector, but dozens of small satellite manufacturers, technology support providers, and subcomponent suppliers.”

 Concurrent with his company’s visit to Camden County, Jim Cantrell, CEO of Vector, sent a letter to Governor Nathan Deal commending the Georgia General Assembly for final passage of HB 1 and “[Georgia’s] proactive approach to space friendly regulations.” Demonstrating the importance of HB 1 to the space industry, Cantrell also told Deal that Vector would like to work with his staff to be present at the ceremony when HB 1 is formally signed into law. 


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