So, No Pants Day Is A Thing

 I dislike pants. Basically, they are Satan's leg prisons. I mean lets be honest, they are no fun at all. Well not today society! And by today, I mean the First Friday in May. That my friends, is the official Holiday know as No Pants Day.

 This is a Holiday I can get behind. Just think about this for a much work do you get done in Yoga Pants? Ummm, SO MUCH!!  If I could wear them everyday instead of actual pants, I could probably take over the world. Now, imagine no pants at all! No Pants Day is that day. It all came about whena small on-campus club at the University of Texas in Austin known as the Knighthood of Buh thought that dropping trousers on the first Friday of May was a humorous stunt for the end of the semester. Well jokes on them, because now people all across the world are doing it. So, give it a whirl. Technically, you can participate by wearing shorts or a skirt This option  is a wise choice if lets say you have to work on No Pants Day, and would like to keep your job, like me. However, if you are a free spirit and believe in the cause, you could just go out in your skivvies like the folks in the video below....

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