Documentary Could Prove The Existence Of Ghosts

 Award-Winning "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" and "PARANORMAL STATE" Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek's  "SIR NOFACE" paranormal documentary, which chronicles the incredible true story of West Sydney Paranormal Research Team Founder, Craig Powell, who led the the only paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government.

 From the first email ever sent to Powell, to the continual correspondence throughout the nearly two-year investigation, viewers of Calek's "SIR NOFACE" documentary will learn of not only the bizarre and mysterious motivations behind the Australian Government's choice to venture into the world of the paranormal, but more importantly, Powell has given Calek the exclusive rights to release the RAW FOOTAGE of the paranormal evidence captured during the investigation, which includes footage of an entity that identifies itself as "SIR".

"I've been filming the bizarre, mysterious an the unexplained, throughout the world, for 27 years, "says SIR NOFACE Director Chad Calek. "I honestly thought I had seen it all... then I saw Craig's 'SIR' footage. It really is the 'holy grail' of paranormal evidence. You simply have to see it to believe it... and with SIR NOFACE coming, finally everyone will get that chance."

What do you think? Are ghosts real? Check out the video below to watch the official trailer for "SIR NOFACE"

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