Georgia Powerball Jumps To $535 Million

 The Georgia Powerball drawing is Saturday night, and the jackpot has risen to $535 Million! One thing to keep in mind if you are planning on buying a ticket, is that if you win, Georgia law requires the Georgia Lottery to release basic information about winners, including their name, their city, the game they played and the amount they won. (that means long lost "cousins" and "friends" will be coming out of the woodwork lol) According to the Georgia Lottery website, the law is designed "to reinforce public confidence and the integrity of the lottery, as the public has an interest in knowing that prizes are in fact being awarded."  But on the bright side, you will be filthy rich and the The Georgia Lottery does not require winners to participate in any additional publicity beyond what is required by law. However, there is one way around having yourself named out publicly. One way is to set up a corporation, partnership or trust to claim the prize.

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