This Bigfoot Sighting Map Is Worth Checking Out.

 As a kid that grew up spending her days running wild through the woods, her nights watching nature documentaries, and spare time reading up on  mythical creatures it is no doubt that as a child, I believed in Big Foot. Sasquatch sightings were common in the 80's, at least according to the covers of the National Enquirer and other rags I would flip through in the checkout lines at the grocery store...and I believed every word. There was even a film I watched on repeat, Harry And The Hendersons. It followed the adventures of a family that adopted a big foot, and as a kid it helped feed the squatch obsession. I think at some point I may have even tried to make a Sasquatch trap. (Hey, cut me a break, I was an only child with an overactive imagination and a love of making things). Anyway, I've moved on from all of that, but as a result in my adult life I've always been suckered into Big Foot stuff. I would always linger when I came across Finding Bigfoot on tv and call my son into the room to watch it with me, and just yesterday I read an article claiming that they have just issued Sasquatch warnings in Northwest Montana. Told you I was a sucker. Anyway, that lead me down a rabbit hole, or in this case, Squatch hole where I ended up on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website. Ya'll....I spent like an hour looking up sighting by county. DON'T JUDGE ME! I got a real kick out of some of the stories, and thought maybe some of you would too. If anything, you could maybe relay some of the stories to your kids the next time you are down a dark dirt road, or sitting by a campfire. Click here for the state by state resource guide. Happy Squatching!