Woman Killed By Alligator In Low Country

 45 year old Cassandra Cline of Syracuse, New York was killed Monday at a golf course in South Carolina after an alligator drug her into a lagoon. Cline was walking her border collie near the lagoon, across from her vacation home in a private resort on Hilton Head Island, when witnesses stated an alligator, about 8 feet long, “attacked and pulled” her into the water. 

  According to sources, the alligator tried to attack the dog, causing a tug of war effect as Cline tried to save her dog. A security guard tried to assist, but the alligator overpowered Cline dragging her into the water. The dog was unharmed and is in the care of a neighbor. 

The alligator later was found and euthanized, as is common practice when an alligator is reported for attacking or other aggressive behavior.