Camden County Schools to Close Thursday 10/11/18

Camden County Schools to Close Thursday 11th

In a post of the Camden COunty Schools Facebook page, they announced that Camden County School officials are continuing to monitor Hurricane Michael and  are partnering with  the Camden County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service (NWS) to determine the most prudent course of action in response to the approaching storm. While National Weather Service models still indicate the full force of the storm will pass well to Camden's west and the impact will be minimal, the storm and wind swath are now larger. With a wider wind field predicted to pass through our county overnight, the school system, county and cities know some roads may be impassable due to fallen trees and utility lines. Due to the early morning arrival of the storm, crews will not be able to survey and clear all roads prior to school bus start times. In light of these changes and in consultation with the county and cities, the most prudent response is to close all schools in Camden County on Thursday, October 11th. Students nor staff are to report to schools on Thursday. Classes will resume on a normal schedule on Friday October 12th.