McIntosh couple killed by son, suspect arrested and charged with murder

25-year-old Jordan Jarrod Wynn, a suspect in the death of his parents, 63-year-old Frank Wynn and 62-year-old Lynette Wynn, was arrested late Friday night by McIntosh County Sheriff’s Deputies and members of the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force. The Wynn’s were shot in their northern McIntosh county home about 2:00am Friday morning.

The couple's other son was sleeping at the home and awakened by gunshots and saw his brother, Jordan. Wynn was found hiding in woods on the opposite side of the road from his parents’ home next to another forested area. McIntosh County, Long County and Liberty County sheriff’s deputies surrounded and searched those woods immediately after the shooting but found nothing. It was thought that Wynn could have fled to Savannah or Statesboro. Wynn was found in woods about a half mile from his parents’ home. He was unarmed when he was found and did not resist arrest. Wynn is charged with two counts of murder. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab in Savannah will conduct an autopsy on the victims’ bodies today.

Photo: McInstosh County Sheriff's Department