BANSHEES co-founder STEVEN SEVERIN has new album

Former Siouxsie and the Banshees bassist and co-founding member Steven Severin has released a new ambient album: The Vril Harmonies.  A 23-minute track “23 Wounds of Julius Caesar” is available as a free or name-your-own price download for only 23 hours to mark the Ides of March.

Severin noted on Facebook: A new approach: - working simultaneously on 5 different album projects. ‘The Vril Harmonies’, ‘Black Matter For The King’, ‘The Telling’, ‘Innocence & Blood’ & ’23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar’. I hope to have all completed in the coming 3 or 4 months and they will be made available as digital downloads only - made available (via Bandcamp) as soon as they are mixed. CDs and/or vinyl versions may be released at a later date if I feel demand is there. It’s an experiment to see what happens if, instead of waiting on/dealing with artwork, mastering, cutting, pressing etc. I just keep writing new music.

From  At 23 minutes into The Ides of March (15th.) I shall make available for download my 23 minute track: - 23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar. It will be available as a free download (pay if you wish) for 23 hours then it will disappear for a year. Dedicated to the memory of Ark Todd, Jhon Balance & Peter Christopherson"

23 Wounds Of Julius Caesar can be found here.

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