GWAR outs KATHY GRIFFIN for stealing their material

GWAR is pissed. Pissed at Kathy Griffin for stealing their bit.  While the Deplorables and Snowflakes grace Kathy Griffin's sagging brand with a maggot-ton of free publicity, Beefcake The Mighty (above) has called her out for what she actually is.  The biggest comedy hack this side of Carlos Mencia.  

GWAR has made a career of mutilating political and pop culture figures in effigy for years, including Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton on Election Day (below).

So crawl back into the dung heap Kathy, and leave the sleaze to REAL entertainers.  We Bohabs anxiously await our masters New Years Eve special with Anderson Cooper (or Dane Cook).

* See GWAR on the Warped Tour in Atlanta 6/29 at Lakewood Amphitheatre, and 06/30 in Orlando, FL at Tinker Field.

** And if you haven't checked out GWAR on AV Club's Undercover series, do so now scumbag.

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