Photos OH SEES & ALL THE SAINTS Atlanta, Variety Playhouse

All The Saints with Oh Sees, September 6th, 2017. The Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia.

I'd waited through at least a couple of their legendary name changes before I finally got to catch Oh Sees live.  And with a few strategic vacations days, I managed to catch them 3 times in as many weeks.

The Atlanta show was amazing. They absolutely ripped through an impeccable set of songs spanning the last 10 years of front man, and only constant member, John Dwyer's output.

The current line-up featuring Tim Hellman on bass and the dual drum attack of Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone is amazing.  These dudes are tight, and absolutely wail.  They throw up a frenzied wall of noise punk that can descend into some spooky psychedelic meanderings.

Openers All The Saints have been around for a number of years in Atlanta, and I was only just introduced to them at this show.  I don't know how they went under my radar for so long.  I wound up seeing them the next night in Raleigh with Oh Sees at Hopscotch Festival too.  Their vibe is less frantic, still darkly psychedelic with more of a blues and metal influence than Oh Sees.  They made for a great pairing of bands. 

With a big crowd I got stuck in one place, so not too many different angles on the shots, but I managed to get a few decent ones.

See both of these bands as soon as you can.

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