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At age 73, Roger Daltrey still can't get enough.  Fresh off a South American tour fronting The Who that culminated in two shows with Gun's 'N Roses, including the gigantic Rock in Rio festival, he's back at it.  

And he's taking it at his own pace with a short tour that touched down Friday night under a full moon at St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

“I’m warning you, there might be a little train wreck but we don’t care.”  Hinting that his "Who band" including Pete's brother Simon Townsend on guitar, would be exploring songs not in the usual Who live repertoire. 

"At this stage in life, I don't give a *#%" he continued with a wry smile.

He did however open with a string of heavy hitters from The Who's cadre: "Overture/See Me, Feel Me", "Pinball Wizard", "I Can See For Miles", and "Behind Blue Eyes".  He lamented the fact The Who "didn't have the backing vocals" to get "I Can See For Miles" right anymore.  If it was a dig at his old mate Pete, it was a light hearted one.

Rog's hardcores were delighted with the unexpected "Dreaming From the Waist", a song Pete has claimed to be one of his least favorite to play, and solo hits “Giving it All Away” and “Without Your Love.

Daltrey also took a moment to vamp the late Fats Domino classic "Blueberry Hill", a fitting tribute to not only Fats, but the early American rock 'n roll that fuelled his own ascent during the British Invasion.

Roger's voice was in fine form, even better than when I last saw him a few years ago with The Who. Soothing his vocal chords, he joked that the cup he repeatedly sipped from was "just tea!"  He looked great too, swinging his taped up microphone high overhead in his signature style.

Edgar Winter opened the night with his requisite hits "Free Ride" and a nearly ten minute version of "Frankenstein" that brought down the house before closing with a cover of Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" (Recorded originally by brother Johnny Winter when Rick was a part of his band).

In all, it seemed like these masters had just as much fun playing as their enthusiastic audience did watching and remembering.


Overture/See Me, Feel Me

Pinball Wizard

I Can See for Miles

Behind Blue Eyes

Giving It All Away

Another Tricky Day


Who Are You

Days of Light

Going Mobile (Simon Townsend on vocal)

How Many Friends

It’s Not Enough

Dreaming From the Waist

Without Your Love

Blueberry Hill

Summertime Blues

Baba O’Riley

Young Man Blues

Naked Eye

Always Heading Home

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