Ford Natirboff

Music aficionados in Savannah and environs may know Ford Natirboff as drummer and multi-instrumentalist for mid-century pop-revivalists The Hypnotics.  Ford is now performing as a solo artist and will release his debut album Keep On Dreaming via just in time for Santa to bring the noise.

Each track on Keep On Dreaming will be released one song per day in the 10 days leading up to Christmas.  The full album will be available December 25th.

Recorded to Tascam cassette 4-track, sometimes via cell phone voice memos, Keep On Dreaming is largely a one man DIY tour de force.  There are contributions from a chainsaw wielding neighbor and occasional guests like The Train Wrecks Jason Bible on pedal steel.

With touches of 1960's baroque pop and 2010's garage DIY aesthetic, Keep On Dreaming is reminiscent of the experimental Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd, the immediacy of Ty Segall's recent work and whimsical lyricism I liken to Village Green era Ray Davies and Penny Lane McCartney.

Keep On Dreaming is a compelling debut that begs repeated listenings. A proposed vinyl release in 2019 seems the perfect format for these noisy psyche gems.

Ford Natirboff 12.12.18 Keep On Dreaming release

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